Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation to get your Business found in your Local Market

SEO that Achieves Results

Keyword Research

Our first step is to find out where you rank for the most important keywords for your business.

Competitor Analysis

By conducting an in-depth analysis of your top competitors online we are able to build up a picture of the best opportunities.

Monthly Reports

All SEO campaigns are tracked and measured to allow us to provide you with comprehensive monthly reports.

Search Engine Optimisation
Chris London, Managing Director

Do you own an Electrical, Fire or Security Company and want to increase your leads, sales and revenue?

We can help scale your business to the next level with the confidence that your marketing will support sales. We set up reliable lead generation systems that will give you a steady stream of new enquiries every week.

The Steps to Successful Search Ranking

Keyword Targeting

Before we begin work on a new website we start by getting a clear understanding of your objectives.

On Page Optimisation

Website urls, titles, headings and text are optimised to ensure you rank well for key local search terms.

Website Backlinks

We build links to your website content to signal to search engines your site has valuable content.

Directory Submissions

We submit your company details to a large number of directories to give your site high quality backlinks.

SEO for Electricians

Our first step when doing SEO for Electricians is to see where a company ranks for the most searched keywords. A full list of these is shown on our Top Electrical Keywords page but the top 5 are:

  • electrician near me
  • electrician in [Location]
  • PAT testing
  • EICR
  • energy performance certificate
These terms are searched more than 10,000 times per month with “electrician near me” being searched 60,000 times per month. By specialising in the Electrical, Fire and Security sectors we know the most important search terms to rank well for and optimise our clients’ websites for them.
A full list of the most searched electrician keywords is available in our Resources section.

SEO for Fire & Security Companies

Security cameras and CCTV are the most searched terms for our Fire & Security clients followed by fire alarm and burglar alarm. With both fire and security keywords it is important to target people searching for an installer rather than those looking to buy online for DIY projects. Security cameras, CCTV cameras and CCTV are all searched more than 30,000 times per month but the more valuable search to target is “CCTV installer” which is searched 8,000 times per month.

A full list of Fire & Security keywords is available in our Resources section.

On-page optimisation

The first step to ranking well in search engines is optimising a website’s on-page elements like titles, headings and content. This helps search engines understand what the pages are about so that they will appear more prominently – which means you’ll get better results!

Optimising your website for Google will help you rank higher in their Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and ensure that people who visit are more likely to find what they’re looking for.

The best way of doing this is by creating a list of the most important keywords and using one for each page, making sure the keyword is used  in the title, meta description and header tags. It is important not to over use keywords though because that can harm ranking.

When we are doing SEO for Electricians or Fire & Security companies we are trying to use the most important keywords several times throughout the page and also feature them in headings and sub-headings. We want to do it in a natural way so the text reads well but search engines understand what the page is about. We want to keep the keyword density fairly high without overusing them.

Off-page optimisation

As well as on-page optimisation we also work on off-page optimisation to improve a website’s ranking and online visibility. This includes building high quality links from reputable websites, creating social media campaigns and submitting blog articles to high authority publications. Off-page optimisation is a long-term process that requires a lot of work and patience but it is a very important factor in achieving a high ranking in Google search results.

Content development

Content is the king of all digital marketing strategies. Creating high-quality content proves to Google that a website could be helpful to online users, making it rank higher in search engine result pages. Specialising in the electrical, fire and security sectors allows us to understand the markets and what people are searching for. With this knowledge we are able to write a variety of new website text and blog posts for our clients. 

Technical SEO for Electricians and Fire & Security Companies

Technical SEO is often overlooked but it’s an important part of search ranking. Our team of experts optimise a website’s code, structure, and crawlability to ensure that the site’s speed is fast, it runs efficiently and appears on search engine results pages (SERPs). We monitor Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other tools to troubleshoot any potential errors before they negatively affect a website’s ranking.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a specialised form of SEO that helps businesses rank higher in a specific geographical area. It is very important for businesses that want to do get more work in their local area. At Electrical Marketers we can optimise both our client’s websites and Google Business Profile to appear at the top of Google’s local search results. We create keyword-rich location pages and build directory entries that boost local search ranking.


Seo For Electricians

Increase your Enquiries

We are experts in marketing for Electrical, Fire and Security companies and can offer a variety of marketing services to help you get more enquiries and grow your business.

Marketing Services for Electrical, Fire & Security Companies

Website Design

As important as how a website looks is how it works. If it isn't converting visitors into enquiries it may be time for an update.

Online Advertising

A combination of Google pay-per-click and Facebook advertising will generate immediate enquiries and can be turned up or down depending on how busy you are.

Email marketing

Effective marketing lets you build up a database of prospects to send targeted emails to, keeping your company in their mind when they need your services.

Social Media Management

Social Media marketing is an excellent way to grow your business. We put together campaigns that will make the most of the social opportunity.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking well in Google for local searches for popular keywords like "security company near me" and "emergency electrician" will guarantee quality enquiries every week.

Complete Marketing Solutions

Using downloadable guides and informative videos we create lead funnels that generate a steady flow of new leads for you every week.

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