How to design a website that generates sales leads

electrical website design

For most companies a website needs to generate leads and enquiries. Here are a few things to bear in mind when building a lead-generating site.

Easy navigation

A simple top menu with a clear route to your products and services works best. If you have a lot of products include a mega menu like this one on the ANV Measurement Systems website:

Electrical Website Navigation

Pages with a message

For most websites 60-80% of people will visit the home page first and then move through the rest of the site from there. Those that reach a product or service page first have probably got their via a search engine and will often be your best opportunities for future business. When designing a site don’t just focus on the home page’s message but make sure all of your main product and service pages have a sales message designed to turn a visitor into an enquiry.

Easy to contact

There are three main ways people make contact after looking at a website: phone, email and contact form. Provide your visitors with all three because you don’t know which they will prefer. Contact forms are often the most popular method of initial communication because they are less direct than the phone and (normally) easier than typing out an email. Many people research companies outside office hours and a lot are more inclined to fill in a contact form if they are browsing from home that send an email or wait until the next day to phone.

Clear USPs

It goes without saying that your site should explain clearly and simply what you do and why you are the company to call rather than a competitor that is just a click away.

Calls to action

Add calls to action to your key pages so people know what to do when they finish reading. Sites that generate lots of enquiries do so because it is very easy for people to take the next step once they have checked out what you do.

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