The Power of Online Advertising for an Electrical Business

In this post we are going to focus on online advertising and how you can get the best results for your electrical or security business. Online advertising has become a powerful way of reaching the right people with the right message, and with minimal wastage it’s also very affordable.

There are many different ways to advertise online and different types of online advertising that we will discuss in this blog post. We will also cover the difference between social media vs Google ads.

The main online advertising methods

1. Pay Per Click (PPC) ads

These include Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and LinkedIn sponsored updates. The great thing about PPC is that you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it.  This makes them a very efficient way of promoting your electrical business online as you can set a limit to the amount you want to spend on online advertising per month.

2. Social Media

Online advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin is becoming more popular every day with some online businesses allocating up to 40% of their total online marketing budget to it. This platform allows you to reach out to customers that have already expressed an interest in your online business or product by “liking” or “following” your company page.

3. Banner Advertising

This type of online advertising is where you pay to have a banner ad (usually an image) placed on a website that is related to your business. The banner ad will then be displayed to all the visitors of that website.

Benefits of online advertising for your electrical business

1. Reach

Online advertising will allow you to reach out to a large audience very quickly and easily, whether it be through social media or google ads. This is great if you need to increase awareness about an upcoming sale or service that you want to push at a certain time of year. It is also a great tool if you have a new service that you want to promote.

2. Target Your Audience

Online advertising allows you to target your audience in a very specific way meaning that you can reach out only to people who may be interested in what you have to offer and not waste money on reaching the wrong type of customer base. With PPC ads for example it is possible to set a specific demographic age group, location and even online behaviour to ensure you target your online business message at people who are more likely to take action.

3. Track Your Return On Investment

Online advertising allows you to monitor the click throughs that each type of online ad or social media post is generating along with how much money it costs per click. This information can then be used to help you decide which online advertising is working best for your business and adjust your budget or strategy accordingly.

4. Cost Effective

Online advertising is often more cost effective than other forms of offline marketing such as print, radio or television ads. You have the ability to set a daily budget which means you remain in complete control of how much money you are spending on your advertising. You can also pause or cancel a campaign at any time if it is not working. More traditional forms of advertising have a lot more wastage as they are often seen by people who would not normally use your product/service leading to a poor ROI for these forms of advertising.

The importance of having a clear goal for your campaign

Having a clear goal for online advertising will help you to get the best results. There are many types of online ads which can be tailored to suit your business and target audience, so it is important that you know what kind of people should see them.

For example, if you want leads then placing your ad on Facebook might not be as successful as Google ads because you are reaching a more targeted audience. If your target market is very active online then Facebook will be the best place to advertise since it has such a high online presence, however if they are not online often or do not use social media much maybe this isn’t the best option for you.

As well as knowing where to advertise what you also need to think about is what you want your advert to achieve. For example, if you want to drive people to your website then you would use a click-through rate (CTR) as your metric rather than impressions or reach because it is more important that people actually click on your ad rather than just see it for awareness.

It’s important to keep track of what works well for you online so that you can repeat it. If your ad is getting lots of clicks then you are probably on to a winner, however if no-one sees or clicks on it there might be something wrong with the image or wording. Don’t be afraid to try different things because online advertising offers an edge through targeting and flexibility which makes it very useful for businesses online.

Overall, online advertising is a great way to promote your electrical business and can offer many benefits such as increased reach, targeting specific audiences, trackable ROI and lower costs when compared to other forms of offline marketing. Try out a few different types of online adverts and see which ones work best for you – the beauty of online advertising is that it’s very versatile and can be easily adapted to suit your specific needs.

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